Wednesday, November 4, 2009

When you think of Weave......

.........You think of me. Now that I am back to blogging more weaves. I am flattered that people think of me when they see hair weave. Or even in this case a wig. An old friend of mine, Rashelle was in Lisbon and saw this gem at an outdoor flea market. I have to state that this is a wig and not a weave. But I still love that she saw this, thought of me, and then took a picture and sent to me. I had to share. It's not so much a lost weave but a weave for sale. And Girl let me tell you I am not buying some used wig. But hey someone might. Happy Weavesday!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Crown Heights Weave

This here weave comes in all the way from Crown Heights in Brooklyn. Thank you Kathleen I can say that this is def. worth a five. Kudos to you and Lyndsey for spotting this gem. It could have almost been missed with all the leave tangled around it. If the wind would have picked this up it would have def been a tumble weave.