Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Wet Weave

This weave I found on my way back to work from lunch about a few months ago. Kaveh and I had met at the Potrero Center. And when I parted with him as soon as I crossed the street there was this gemmer of aweave. I mean that is alot of weave. But I love how it is all wet. Why is wet? Did someone have to was the weave out and forget to pick it up? Because as you can see thats the only thing that is wet.

P.S. Thanks for all the comments I really look forward to all the weave ya'll find out there. Trust they are everywhere. Don't go looking for them I always just spot them out of the corner of my eye. Hopefully you will have a camera phone. You can email them to

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Fresh Weave

So pretty much for the next few posts on here all the pics will be weaves from the past year cause I have a few of those already in supply. However I was just walking around on my lunch break and discovered a fresh weave so I had to share. YAY. I heart Fresh Weave.

A touch of Color

Ok so here is a weave I found up the street from my work. This one has a touch of color to it. Very special. And it sure is a whole lotta hair. You must wonder, becuase this clearly was not one strand just fell out...or pulled out. But it's like if you have taken that much weave out or you bought it or what have you...why didn't you throw it away. Well anyhow atleast I was able to capture for all to enjoy here.

Monday, January 29, 2007


Ok, so this is the first entry into This is the brain child of Kaveh and me. It all started about two years ago when I saw this random hair weave on the muni. I had to take a picture with my camera phone. I sent to Kaveh. Then a month or so later when Kaveh was on vacation (I think in New York) He came across a random weave and took a picture of it and sent it to me. So now when either one of us sees a picture of weave on the ground (and trust there are weaves everywhere) we would send them back and forth. Then I think it was Kaveh who was like let's start a website So here we are. It's still in the beginning phases. Eventually we are going to hire weaveoligists like Fauxnifa to analyze the pictures and see if the weave fell out, was cut out or pulled out. We also encourage you to submit any weave you may find to

Today's Weave is the one that started it all.

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