Thursday, October 29, 2009

Weave for thought....


I received this weave over the weekend from my friend AJ. With the caption should this weave get a ticket? While most of it is in the green zone some is in the red. So I say no ticket. But I have to say this is a nice hunk of weave. There is def a few braids in there. I wonder if this weave was pulled out cause it got caught in someones door? HMMM...weave for thought.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Is this weave?


So this weave brings up a good question. Is this actually weave?

This weave comes from my friend Shelly. She spotted it by here office on 9th St. in San Francisco. In the email she sent it in she said she was not sure if it was weave or not. I am going with yes. I have seen enough hair weave in my day to know what is and isn't. But sometimes it can be a rope untangled, or a tangled hair net. And you know what I am not going to be the person who touches to try and find out what it actually is.

Friday, October 16, 2009

It's UnbWEAVEable


So I promised my sister Lyndses last week that I would post 2 weaves a week. EPIC FAIL on my part. So today I am posting 3 weaves. 1 to make up for only one posting last week and 2 for this week. I know it's UnbWEAVEable. Lyndses promises to keep me in weave she says there is so many in her hood. This first weave comes from the East Village on W. 4th and Bowery. I actually can't tell if that is some lost weave or a dead cat. You be the judge.


This next weave comes from her hood - Crown Heights in Brooklyn. One thing you should know about Lyndses is that she is a photographer. And it shows in this picture. When I catch weave I am just about getting the weave. She has caught the whole scene here. This weave is telling a story. Clearly it's garbage day. Was this weave in the trash and fell out? It is one of those things that make you go hmmmm


This weave comes from me. I found this at the Castro Muni station while waiting for the train a few weeks ago. I always love when I spot a weave. This was one of those awkward situations when people were walking up and I was trying to snap the shot without looking weird. I am sure I failed.

Lastly, Stephen last week started punning with the word weave. Well, you know I am a fan of that. Hence the title of today's post It's UnbWEAVEable. Here are a few more he came up with. If you can achieve it, weave it and Weave me alone.

Can you think of any? Comment. Or email me at and I will post them on here.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

The tracks of this weave


So this weave comes to me from my friend Lauren L. She sent this to me on Saturday night. Which leads me to believe she saw this in our around work. She works at a restaurant neat Union Square in San Francisco. What really stands out about this weave is the track. You can actually see the track. This more than just a random piece of weave that fell out. This is the whole line. WOW!!! Whoever did this girls hair seriously F'd up. It's also at night. So she lost this on the way to the club. That sucks. That would so ruin my night.

I also want to share a movie dedicated to hair weave:

Chris Rock made this movie about all the money and pain that is in the hair weave business. I am going to this opening night. I can't wait. EVERYONE SEE IT! Who knew it was that tough to get good hair. I wish I could say I feel their pain. But as a man I don't. I just respect and appreciate it.

Friday, October 2, 2009

You know it's fall when.......


This here weave comes from Harlem. Spotted by my dearest Kateri on 127th and Lenox.

You know it is fall when the leaves start gather on the ground and in Harlem so does the weave. I love the leaf is tangled up in the weave. Seasons change and apparently so do hairstyles. This weave is even a fall like color. I love the curl. I am kinda sad for whoever lost this cause her hair must have been fierce.

p.s. I spent the morning back logging weave images. I should have enough to get me through a few months. If I commit to 1 post a week. So keep spotting weave spotters and send that weave to