Tuesday, October 6, 2009

The tracks of this weave


So this weave comes to me from my friend Lauren L. She sent this to me on Saturday night. Which leads me to believe she saw this in our around work. She works at a restaurant neat Union Square in San Francisco. What really stands out about this weave is the track. You can actually see the track. This more than just a random piece of weave that fell out. This is the whole line. WOW!!! Whoever did this girls hair seriously F'd up. It's also at night. So she lost this on the way to the club. That sucks. That would so ruin my night.

I also want to share a movie dedicated to hair weave:

Chris Rock made this movie about all the money and pain that is in the hair weave business. I am going to this opening night. I can't wait. EVERYONE SEE IT! Who knew it was that tough to get good hair. I wish I could say I feel their pain. But as a man I don't. I just respect and appreciate it.

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