Thursday, February 8, 2007

Fresh Wet Weave and some sad news

It is a rainy day here in San Francisco. I went and met up with Kaveh and Rhianna for Sushi at this place a few blocks from my work. When we were done Rhianna offered us each a ride back to work. I opted to walk (even with the rain) because I had some time to kill and I had an umbrella. As I was walking back there it was like a beacon. FRESH WEAVE and wet thanks to the rain. I am glad I decided to walk or else this weave would have been missed. I was really excited cause I had not spotted some new weave in a while. Here it is to enjoy.

In other news: Today is a sad day in the weave world as we have lost an amazing weave wearer. Anna Nicole Smith passed away today. Smith while known for many things will always be remembered by those in the weave world for big hair and usage of weave. She will be remembered as a weave enthusiast who was never afraid to take risks. Even if her hair didn't look good

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Dre said...

That weave looks almost like it was washed to shore on a beach or something, with seaweed caught in it and a piece of plastic bag, perhaps it was attached to a body that washed ashore.