Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Weave or Rope?

Friday night I was walking to the Badlands with some friends (Kaveh, Patrick, Jaime) and we passed this. I believe it was weave. Jaime claims it was some type of rope. All I know is that 1) I was drunk and 2) I was sure not going to touch it. So we will really never know. Plus the picture quality does not help. If it is not weave I apologize for putting a picture of rope on here. What are your thoughts? Discuss.


Anonymous said...

I say, most bad weaves look like ropes anyway, so what's the diff?

also p.s. here is an article on a woman wearing a weave that allows her alter ego, Gwenevere, come out!


Rachel said...

I believe it's a weave! Rope doesn't have that same structure, so I'm with you Sil.