Friday, December 18, 2009

Extra! Extra! Weave all about it!

Ha! Weave puns never get old to me.

Happy Friday fellow weave enthusiasts. Can I say everytime I see last weeks post - Project Concern I still laugh a little. Ok, on to new weave. This first weave above came to me from my friend Jack this morning. He found in on a construction site near 16th and Valencia in San Francisco. You can clearly see the tracks on this weave. And this is always a personal favorite. That means that weave was not in tight. Weave needs to be in tight I am talking Beyonce - Lose My Breath tight.

Or that means that someone was walking home with fresh weave to get their hair did and this fell out of the bag. Which is sad cause that is a waste of money and good weave. The last option means that someone was working at the construction site and something snagged and pulled that weave right off their head. And to that I say OUCH.

This next weave was sent to me via text from my favorite cousin Jessica. My Uncle sent it to her and wanted to make sure that I saw it. It was the 1st weave he has seen. And it was on the corner of Silver Ave and San Bruno in the city. I think my favorite thing about your 1st weave spotting is that you suddenly become more apparent of weave and you will now see it everywhere. TRUST!

I can't really tell what is going here with this weave. It is a whole mess of weave and it looks like it was rained on. So I guess it is sorta like a weave puddle. Watch your step, you don't want to get your shoes weaved.

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Baby Cujo said...

The photo that your friend Jack took is nice shot.
It's funny...I've been in SF since the mid nineties and have covered a lot of ground...I hardly ever see hair on the ground in the city.
Oakland on the other hand is a different story.
I've came across just about every weave combo imaginable. Hair with hypo's, socks, bra's, food, diapers, etc...pure madness. Makes you wonder.
There is women in Oakland that rides a Huffy BMX bike. She collects all the discarded weaves and attaches them in her hair. She has this epicly huge head of weaves. She is menacing. I still have yet to get a photo of her. I'm sure someone on line does though. She is a well known street character in those parts.
good blog.
I'm thinking of doing another Weave book and possibly another art show with weave related street trash. We should hook up if you are living in the city.